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Grand Hotel Telese and its history: 71 rooms spread over the 3 floors of the building built in the late nineteenth century by Edoardo Minieri and his son Alfredo, in the heart of THE Valle di Telese, a few kilometres from the centre of the thermal city.

The belle époque style relives in the rooms now used for events, the Ortensia Room to pay homage to Edoardo's wife, and the Prince's Room, where Umberto II of Savoy, Prince of Piemonte, entertained his guests during his long stay in Telese, in the end of twentieth century.

The world of cinema too, showed great interest into the Grand Hotel Telese, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio De Sica and Sofia Loren, just to name a few famous actors, spent their holidays there.

The Neapolitan aristocracy did the "water cure" in Telese, staying at the Grand Hotel.
Towards the end of the 19th century, the structure was a special place where the curative drinks of sulphurous water, rich in carbon dioxide and sulfur, were associated with the hotel, which offered beautiful rooms, a large park and an elegant design.
The greatest success was in 1894, with the gold medal received by the eleventh international congress in Rome which rewarded the therapeutic properties of the Telese water.

The Grand Hotel Telese is an authentic architectural jewel of the nineteenth century, furnished with style and attention to the stylistic trends of the time. Refined Neapolitan handicraft furniture, extraordinary examples of painted and gilded porcelain and, more than ever, a collection of paintings of considerable importance for the history of Neapolitan art of the nineteenth century.

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